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The Time of Change is Upon Us – Zacciah Blackburn

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By Zacciah Blackburn, TheCenterofLight.Net.

Much is occurring on the planet at this time, and many are reporting the ever increasing sense of incredible changes at all levels of our existence.

We are at a pivotal point in the evolution of human consciousness. One such marker point occurred on May 27, via the Maya Calendar, which, according to Maya Calendar expert, Carl Johan Calleman, is a time we enter the second calendar round of the Ninth level, which began 09.09.09. The 9th Level is considered the highest level of human consciousness. The Gateway to this dimension of consciousness was opened on 09.09.09, and through much of 2010 and 2011 we are entering ever more active states of being in relation to this Gateway, as it expands its interaction with us.

We are experiencing growing opportunities to integrate these states of consciousness. Those of us not engaging in conscious practices to more fully embody more awakened states may experience growing senses of agitation, abnormal emotional and physiological discomfort, etc. This is occurring at not only on a personal level, but on societal and planetary levels as well. This is an experience not contained to the human phenomenon, but all life on this planet. As we learn to more fully interact with, and integrate the increasing vibrational frequencies, the more we can ease into this new ‘time.’

Many are focusing upon the Gateway of 2012. However, it is becoming increasingly more critical that we focus our awareness upon this time and place, here, now, and pay attention to what we are creating in this present moment. The Maya Elders tell us the calendar does not continue beyond 12.21.12 because it is completely dependent upon what we create in this interim time.

July 17th and 18th will be a most sacred time in this relationship, known as the “Cosmic Convergence,” in which we are being asked to deepen our experience with, and service to, unity consciousness. Calleman states that ‘these are points in time that are expected to mark significant frequency increases and accelerations of time.” He describes this as a ‘wave’ of creation, which we are and shall be riding through the next upcoming cycles as we fully enter and embody this ninth level of consciousness, into 2012, with several stages of evolution along the way.

Calleman’s interpretation is not unlike the wisdom of some of our North American elders who inform us, many of us will experience these times like a turbulence, a river or stream in tumult, and we must ride the stream, without concern to escape it, or where it shall take us, simply immersing ourselves in the power of the current. Others tell us, it, simply, is critical, that we perceive the rhythms of our experience as if we are in a perfect dance with the Rhythms of All Life. Simply breathe into the Giving and Receiving of that Rhythm.

However we choose to perceive it, the time of change is upon us.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, is an acclaimed intuitive teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness. He has worked in the field for over three decades, offers a three year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network. Learn more at www.TheCenterofLight.Net


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