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The Three Hearts Meditation – Zacciah Blackburn

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It is time to engage in meaningful work, and to enter our intended relationship as fully embodied, empowered, co-creators. In this remarkable world, in this remarkable time, and in whatever way we each choose to do this, we each can find a way to be of benefit, to serve ourselves and all of Creation. It is, quite simply, time to do the Work.

Just recently, we received an urgent plea from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Carrier of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Peace Pipe, reminding us of the great prophecies of his peoples, and the white animal mysteries of the Earth which are occurring worldwide, confirming it is time we collectively enter in prayers for the well being of this great planet and all living beings upon it. He asks us to continue our prayers, and sacred ceremonies, especially honoring the World Peace and Sacred Sites Day on June 21, Summer Solstice (World Peace Day is, also, Sept 21, another international day of honoring.)

And, just last month, I was honored with the presence of Grandmother Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, a 27th Generation Wisdom Carrier of the great teachings of the Pale Prophet of Cherokee wisdom, who lived and taught Luminous Body practices 2860 years ago, which spread across North America. She reminds us of the impact of cosmic waves from the heart of the galaxy, and the “Heart behind that Heart,” as well as the alignment with the great “Sacred Heart of the Galaxy,” the “Heart of the Earth,” and the human heart. This comes at a time that modern science is confirming unexplained phenomena of particle waves arising from the center of the galaxy, as well as a ‘wall’ of energy emitting light phenomena.

By simply focusing on these hearts of universal wisdom (the “Heart of the Earth,” the “Heart of the Galaxy,” and our own heart, simultaneously, however we imagine them to exist) in alignment with each other, Venerable says we come into Harmony with All Life. We find it is more than language will easily communicate. In the least, it is a powerful practice. Try it, allowing your body’s own wisdom to understand this extraordinary and powerful alignment. Your Wisdom Body understands all that your intelligent mind may not be able to grasp, for we each hold all wisdom within our inherent nature, even in the memory of our cells and DNA. We contain All Knowing, each of us.

Let us know how you experience this practice. Just sit with it for 10-20 minutes, first, entering deep spaciousness within your own heart, then imagining the “Heart of the Galaxy,” the spiral arms of the stars spinning around it, arising in that space, and the “Heart of the Earth,” beneath you, all arising in harmonious Being.

Each of us are able to contribute in these small ways, creating simple prayers from our heart, engaging with the living and sentient beings of life on this planet, holding wakefulness, watchfulness, mindfulness, and wisdom, awakening our own luminous selves. Then, sending our prayers and thoughts, our bounty, and good seed, into this fertile soil, re-enlivening it with our own prayers and intentions, in harmony with All Life, Universal Wisdom, and the origin Seeds of Creation.

Many are of speaking of 2012.

The work is not about another time or place. It is not about the end of the world, the end of time, or leaving the Earth to enter another state. The work is about calling forward our own power and authenticity, our own wholeness and Divinity. It is claiming our birthright here on Earth, as living, awakened beings of luminous light, fully embodying the multi-dimensional aspects of our Divine self in its fullness, fully supporting and claiming our right and authority to co-create, to collaborate with the very Heart of Creation, by living in alignment with that “Heart,” through our own heart.

To come into full awakening, we must become fully present in ourselves, Here. Now.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, is an acclaimed intuitive teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness. He has worked in the field for over three decades, offers a three year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network. Learn more at www.TheCenterofLight.Net


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