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The Energy Island

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energyisland Imagine a world where everything is run on renewable energy: I’m taking wind power, solar power, wave energy, ocean thermal-energy. Now, imagine this world floating out in the ocean. Really, this world is not far off, thanks to a consortium of like-minded people who are working to make it happen (architects Dominic and Alex Michaelis, Vega Consulting, the University of Southampton, Halcrow Group, Noble Denton and Parsons Brinkerhoff). They’ve created the concept of “Energy Island,” pictured to the left. On Energy Island, everything is powered by renewable energy. In addition, it creates an innumerable amount of fresh water (by pumping millions of liters of sea water through filters run on renewable energy and sending it through submarine channels to the mainland) and energy — things that are desperately needed in a renewable supply in this world. Energy Island is made of concrete-and-steel platforms that can be linked together to create an entirely self-sufficient chain of islands with housing developments, fish and hydroponic vegetable farms, greenhouses, harbors, and eco-tourist complexes — all of which use only the above forms of renewable energy, of course, and which all the while send huge surpluses of power and fresh water to the mainland via submarine cable. Energy Island is in major negotiations with various countries and is planning to create the first island (on a small scale, to begin) by 2020. The way of the future? Oh, I hope so. Eco-win! You can read more about it here.


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