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The Café’s Story

GreenChiCafe.com celebrates and offers experiences in the joy of the green culture and lifestyle. The site holds the personal voice of Annie Bond, best-selling green living author, and here she writes in a way that is personal and reflective of her talking with others over a cup of latte at a cafe. She welcomes others to join the conversation, and start their own. There are easy ways to contribute and the links to do so can be found just under the category topics.

What is Green Chi?

Green Lifestyle: Good for health and the environment
Vital energy in nature
Green + Chi:
Renewal, revitalization, and regeneration on a personal and global scale.

About Annie
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The Cafe’s Story

storyphoto2Imagine a sanctuary. In this place, your most authentic nature is manifest. Life is simple, pleasurable to your senses, and soothing to your mind. Richly colored fruits and vegetables bejewel the kitchen counters. Immeasurably tall trees wave outside the windows, unaware of their own power. Step outside the front door. A robust garden plays at your feet.

It took a long time to find this place. Annie B. Bond was a talented young painter in the prime of her youth when she was chemically poisoned while working in a restaurant. After a year of excruciating investigative work with the help of her husband and sister, Annie discovered the truth: as a result of the poisoning, she had developed an extreme chemical sensitivity.

For Annie, a “normal” life was out of the question, as simple products such as laundry detergent and shampoo had debilitating physiological effects on her body and mind. She would need to remove herself from the chemically infested world entirely in order to revive her health.

annieonporchsmall1At last, after years of searching, Annie found her home nestled deep in a lush forest in upstate New York. Free from chemicals, she embarked upon the healing process, eventually becoming well enough to give birth to and raise a daughter, Lily. While raising Lily, Annie discovered not only countless methods by which to prevent dangerous exposures, but also the immeasurable physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of a chemical-free life. Over the last 20 years, Annie has devoted herself to sharing her wisdom (she is the author of countless articles and four books), and is one of the world’s foremost experts in green living.

Lily is a product of her environment. An unaffected woman of 20, Lily navigates the world by way of her own unerring compass. While Lily does not live with the extreme chemical sensitivity that affects Annie, her green upbringing has helped to instill in her a lifelong commitment to the environment and a chemical-free existence. A musician, poet, and keen thinker, Lily is full of expression and creativity. Currently a student at Tufts University, she lives green even while away from home, and inspires those in her midst to do the same.

lilyonporchsmallIn the summer of 2009, Lily became the voice to her mother’s song. In a cross-generational collaboration, Annie and Lily created greenchicafe.com, a virtual meeting place for an eco conversation. From the green paradise that is their home, they have crafted a green haven for all green seekers.

Imagine this place: a sanctuary.

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