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Tastes Like Heaven

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theo-bars-groupIn anticipation of Halloween, I started thinking about one of my biggest vices: Chocolate. Some people prefer dark to milk chocolate, but when it comes down to it we can all recognize that it’s the sweetness and texture of chocolate that hooks us in. Organic chocolate is more popular and accessible than ever, thanks to large grocery chains, but you have to wonder how it all started.

Theo Chocolate is the only organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States, and they’ve been producing the good stuff since 2006. Founder Joseph Whinney, pioneered the supply of organic cocoa beans into the United States in 1994, and acted on his dream of building the first organic chocolate factory in the US. Prior to Theo’s inaugural chocolate run in March of 2006, all organic chocolate was manufactured in Europe and imported into the US market.

As the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country, Theo Chocolate’s ingredients are carefully screened to ensure they meet high standards for social and environmental responsibility. Their beautiful packaging gives way to an even sweeter treat inside. Get ready for a divine sugar rush!


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