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Articles tagged with: health

Chemo and the Chakras
Monday, 8 Nov, 2010 – 18:46 | Comments Off on Chemo and the Chakras
Chemo and the Chakras

If you have witnessed or experienced the suffering caused by chemotherapy, you know the horror of a treatment that all but kills even as it saves. Chemotherapy just about disconnects a person from their body, …

A True Find: Pomegranate Tincture
Tuesday, 26 Oct, 2010 – 10:14 | Comments Off on A True Find: Pomegranate Tincture
A True Find:  Pomegranate Tincture

THE TRUE FIND: Pomegranate tincture! All the benefits of pomegranate without the sugar!
THE GOODS: Pomegranates contain powerful anti-oxidants and studies demonstrate that they support a healthy cardiovascular system (heart, veins, …

Green Quest #1: Are Disinfectants Bad?
Tuesday, 28 Sep, 2010 – 13:31 | Comments Off on Green Quest #1: Are Disinfectants Bad?
Green Quest #1: Are Disinfectants Bad?

Are disinfectants bad for your health? The environment? When I speak of disinfectants in this regard I am speaking about mainstream products found in supermarkets, dentists offices, and hospitals.
Link here for the answer to Green …

Toxic Carpet Solution
Friday, 21 May, 2010 – 10:41 | 4 Comments
Toxic Carpet Solution

AFM SafeChoice Carpet Seal (formerly SafeChoice Carpet Guard) is a unique sealer designed to prevent the outgassing of harmful chemicals used in carpet backing. These chemicals include such known carcinogens as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, xylene …