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Summer Solstice – Thoughts, 2010

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By Christan Hummel, Earth Transitions

For two months now the world has been riveted to a live television feed of a gushing stream of black “goo” erupting up from the depths of the ocean floor.

The media has pointed the finger of blame on those who have profited by the ongoing pilfering of the Earth’s natural resources, and those in political power who have stood by allowing it tacitly. We have looked on helplessly at the numerous photos of death and destruction of sea life and birds; beaches and the marshes as they become in some cases irrevocably damaged. We have felt the anguish of the people who’s lives have been hurled into financial ruin almost overnight and without warning, while the rest of the world watches the growing mass of oil move through the Gulf like a floating barge of destruction wondering if it will land on their shores next.

It will not be easy for our collective psyche to embrace all of what has happened in this event of April 20th, the very day that the Earth moved into the astrological sign of Taurus—the Earth itself—a day when the Earth would experience an event by mankind that would leave it forever changed. In so doing, humanity has left its legacy upon the planet, a sign which can be read even from space, as a testament to our modern age of consumption and greed at all conceivable costs. THIS is the historical monument of our age left for all future generations to witness, much as the Great Pyramids or Stonehenge were left behind for others to follow to know of the ones who went before them.

Perhaps this event and the mark it will leave upon the planet will be seen by future generations as the day when a whole civilization died, much like the dinosaurs it was fueled by; marking a society governed by a mindset that would seem as inconceivable to future generations as healing with leeches would to us today. Perhaps this Gulf Event will be the “shot heard round the world” that set off a revolution that changed history as it overthrew the old aristocracy to gave birth to a new consciousness in government. Could it be that THIS cataclysmic Gulf Event, whose damage is becoming more Biblical in proportion by the day, and continues to wreak upon the planet and its citizens, that this event would be the CATALYST to a new birth every bit as revolutionary as the one 234 years ago?

Today and in the days that follow, many are gathered to pray around the world to save the waters, the animal and human life, and to focus their awareness on forgiving those who have been a part of this disastrous destruction of an entire ecosystem on their watch. However, as we look inside, we see that there is no “other” only reflections of our own self in all we see outside of us. So in asking forgiveness for what has happened, we need to extend that forgiveness to ourselves for any and all ways in which we have been complicit in helping to give power to the governments and corporations who have been allowed to have such a free license with the environment.

We forgive ourselves for not taking action when such action was available. We forgive ourselves for complacently watching as bill after bill was passed by Congress giving away our environmental rights and freedoms and selling off a vital part of our planet to the highest bidder so that we could save pennies/gallon on our gasoline. We forgive ourselves for allowing current leaders to act with impunity as they continue to let this environmental atrocity to go on day after day without bringing the full power and might of the law to bear on the situation to demand swift action.

THIS is the prayer of forgiveness that I feel in my heart. This is the place where I see I have dropped the ball and where I have allowed my rights to be usurped and trampled without a fight or even a vote.

If we view this oil gusher from the Jungian point of view of what it represents as a reflection of the planetary consciousness of all the black “goo” emerging up from below the depths, we see the greed, the corruption, the ravaging of planetary resources for the profit of a few, and to the detriment of the many, and all of those in power who supported these events not just now, not just here, but for decades and around the globe. This is a bigger part of what is coming up to the surface to be cleared along with the actual oil that stains the waters, tars our beaches and destroys our wildlife.

As we address what this geyser of black “goo” reflects in the collective unconscious of the planet, we have the ability to make the most of this situation by each of us claiming our piece that is coming up from below the surface of our consciousness, that which has been hidden from view, and now coming up to be cleaned and redeemed. In this, we have a capacity to remake ourselves, and our society and our whole relationship to our beloved Planet again. May this Gulf Oil Event mark the day.

By Christan Hummel, Earth Transitions


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