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Stories From a War Child

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emmanueljal I just learned about this musician, Emmanuel Jal. He is INCREDIBLE. What makes him incredible, however, is not necessarily his music, but what he is doing with that music. He is telling his story: the story of a war child. At eight years old, he was forced to become a child soldier in the Sudan. His music is his way of telling the story of his experience – of getting the horrors and miseries of his people to the world, because they have no other way of telling their story. No internet, no phones, and most don’t know how to write. Emmanuel Jal is taking on their mission and telling it in a way that demands to be heard. He’s using his music and his charity to build a school in the Sudan so that the children will learn how to express themselves – he is an incredible activist for children in war zones. Personally, I’m in awe of both his story and of how eloquently he is telling it. But I’ll let him tell you himself – one of these videos is his music video “War Child,” and the other is a talk he gave at a TED conference. Both are incredible:

The whole story in this video is incredible: the story of his rescue (in song version) comes at 13:15.


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