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Spiritual Activation – Zacciah Blackburn

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By Zacciah Blackburn

I suggest working with these principals for personal activation:

1) Simply place awareness in the heart center (chakra). Hold awareness there of a coherent emotion such as gratitude, joy, appreciation, unconditional love, or bliss. To your fullest potential, focus all of your awareness in this practice, breathing in and out from a realized sense of this coherent emotion, building awareness of this clear emotional state with each breath, as if breathing in and out from the heart center.

Do not be concerned if other thoughts or feelings arise to distract you. Acknowledge them, but do not give in to them. Simply come back to the practice. If you find yourself distracted, don’t worry, and don’t go into self-judgment or doubt, just come back to the practice.

Continue the practice, no matter how much distraction you may experience.

2) Do #1, above, but imagine the sun, or a solar disc, primarily above and in front of your heart region, and breathe in and out from this area of heightened solar consciousness.

For some of you, it may be beneficial to explore the regions behind and above the heart, or even behind the neck to breathe through.

Imagine you are connecting to high, pure realms of light energy or consciousness.

Continue the practice of breathing in and out from the heart into these realms of light consciousness, until you feel you are truly embodying this solar aspect of consciousness.

You may experience the sun entering into your heart, and entering union with it. You may experience the sun also permeating out of your heart throughout your full field of awareness, your vital organs, tissue, and so forth. Imagine the sun permeating with a light of empowerment, authenticity, healing, and integrity, integrating these greater aspects of your awareness.

3) Imagine you are entering ever heightened levels of joy, bliss, love, purity, grace, etc., as you breathe in this manner.

4) Imagine you are breathing ever higher, rarefied aspects of solar consciousness, the aspect of the activating and transforming power of light from the higher dimensional realms, which our ‘sun’ symbolizes and embodies, in our localized region of the galaxy and cosmos. Imagine the sun is activating ever heightened states of your own awareness and being. Again, embody this. Emanate the light from the heart, as if the heart were the source point of this intelligence.

5) Imagine there is intelligence and/or intelligent communication occurring between you and this solar aspect of consciousness. Seek, through your own awareness, to embody this.

Practice this daily for at lease one week early in the day when you awaken. You can, certainly, use it anytime regardless. It can only be of greater benefit for you. At some point, you may find there are specific messages for your well-being embedded in this solar consciousness. You may simply imagine it bringing greater vitality and vigor to your physiology, or greater clarity and illumination to your emotional body, or greater integration at all levels of your soul body.

Indigenous cultures believe that the sun has morning messages for us, and that these often traverse through the light consciousness of the sun, especially at dawn, with dusk being another time for entering heightened awareness of the subtle worlds of consciousness.

Many indigenous cultures have specific practices such as these for receiving the vitality and wisdom of the sun, a localized aspect of Divine Male Consciousness, just as the Earth, and Heart of the Galaxy are localized aspects of the Feminine Wisdom.

At The Center of Light Zacciah Blackburn offers Three Hearts and Crown of Creation practices to learn more about this interrelationship of the Three Hearts, the Heart of the Sun, and the “Heart behind the Heart” of the Cosmos, as given through the wisdom of the Elders, and the many guides and teachers of the subtle worlds, the ancestral realms, and the Star Nations, who guide and sustain this work.


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