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Speckled Bakeware Eco-Fail

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2_mugs26Ok, while this chart is a sales pitch by Dr. Mercola (and no, Green Chi Cafe isn’t being paid to link to it), I am showing you the chart because it has an eye-popping depiction of the chemicals leached into food from (you’ll never guess) that camping mainstay, speckled metal bakeware. You’ve seen the pans, coffee pots, and mugs I am writing about, they are usually light or dark blue, or red, with white flecks.

Toxic Eco-Fail: We often read about Teflon and aluminum cookware as being unhealthy because of heavy metals leaching into the food, but speckled bakeware? Think high levels of aluminum, cobalt, chrome, iron, and nickel. So not good, except maybe the iron. The leaching test results were derived after 4 percent Glacial Acetic Acid was poured into the bakeware and let to sit for 24hrs. Once the 24 hr leach is over, the acetic acid is analyzed via AA Spectroscopy for the individual metal content and then recorded.

Green Chi Eco-Win: Use glass or stainless steel bakeware instead. Glass is very inert and stainless steel is the second most inert. Alternatively, use enamel bakeware such as Les Crueset.

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