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Sierra Magazine’s Top 20 Greenest Colleges

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boulderEvery year, Sierra Magazine comes out with a much anticipated list of the year’s greenest colleges – a list that is becoming quite competitive, indeed. I’ve been on the lookout for it this year to see how Tufts (my school) ranks: in 2007, it was #9, in 2008, it was #10, and now in 2009, it’s … #22. Come on, Tufts, what’s up? Though maybe it’s not that Tufts is doing anything differently but just that other schools are picking up their game – which is quite likely, in all honesty. I mean, Tufts still ranked an “A-,” which can’t be bad, right? I mean, when I get an A- in class, I’m satisfied. Really, what this means is that colleges and universities across the country are working to greenify themselves: and that, my dear friends, makes me happy! The top 27 schools got at least an A-, causing Sierra to increase their “top 10” list to a “top 20” list – there’s just too many greatly green schools out there! Here’s their top 20 list, along with each school’s total score and grade:

1. University of Colorado, Boulder (pictured): 100, A+
2. University of Washington, Seattle: 98, A+
3. Middlebury College: 98, A+
4. University of Vermont: 97, A+
5. College of the Atlantic: 97, A+
6. Evergreen State College: 96.5, A+
7. University of California, Santa Cruz: 96, A
8. University of California, Berkeley: 96, A
9. University of California, Los Angeles: 96, A
10. Oberlin College: 95, A
11. Harvard University: 95, A
12. University of New Hampshire: 95, A
13. Arizona State University, Tempe: 94, A
14. Yale University: 94, A
15. University of Florida, Gainesville: 94, A
16. Bates College: 93, A
17. Willamette College: 93, A
18. Warren Wilson College: 92, A-
19. Dickinson College: 91, A-
20. New York University: 91, A-

Congrats to those schools! They certainly are contributing to the eco-revolution. You can find the full list of eco-schools here. Feel free to chime in below with the schools you think should have made the top 20!

– Lily


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