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Revitalize Your Water with Crystals

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You can revitalize water with a technique that uses specific crystals selected for this purpose because of their energetic qualities.

Crystals store vibrations, but they also hold micro-information. Each variety of crystal has its own vibratory characteristics and possesses a unique “sound.” Silica, a major component of crystals, is what primarily collects vibrations. When a crystal comes into direct contact with water or is in close proximity to a natural spring, that water will absorb the crystal’s vibration and will in turn be absorbed by the individual drinking the water.

Preparation of Crystal Water
Anyone can easily create crystal water. The first step is to select a small crystal (or crystals) and place it in a container of water to which 1 teaspoon or so of salt per 8 ounces of water has been added (preferably sea salt of Himalayan salt), as a kind of purifier. Allow the crystal to soak in this water for about 12 minutes, then expose the crystal to sunlight, which will increase its energetic potential.

While waiting, pour fresh water into a pitcher or carafe, then carefully stir the water in a clockwise direction with a wooden spoon or rod. This will imprint a swirling movement, like a spiraling coil upon the water. It will now absorb the subtle vibrations of the crystal when it is placed in the water.

Crystal water can be drunk on its own or used for cooking or making tea. It can also be used to revitalize wilting plans. Crystal water should be consumed the same day it is prepared. It is recommended that this wter not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Crystals used in preparing crystal water should be cut and not contain any rough surfaces. A smooth surface prevents germs and bacteria from being trapped and proliferating in the water.

Following is a short list of stones recommended for their healing properties or other benefits.

* Agate refines perceptions and stimulates the intellectual faculties.
* Rock crystal purifies the aura and supplies energy.
* Amber bestows wisdom, equilibrium, and patience.
* Jasper encourages dreams and stimulates the libido.
* Opal generates psychological stability.
* Quartz regulates the circulation of energy in the body.
* Rose quartz restores balance and dispels negative influences.
* Sardonyx is invigorating and therefore resists depression.
* Tiger’s Eye encourages the balance of the two cerebral hemispheres.
* Topaz purifies the aura and restores the joy of life.
* Tourmaline awakens love and increases sensitivity to spiritual forces.

–Adapted from The Healing Power of Energized Water, The New Science of Potentizing the World’s Most Vital Resource, by Ulrich Holst (Healing Arts Press, 2004).


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