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Pygmy Music — Video

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pygmies The Pygmy people of Africa are probably the people most connected to nature in the entire world. They live in the rainforests, hunting and gathering their food. They travel through the forests, migrating in the rainy seasons, building huts with wood, vines, and leaves wherever they go. They make their weapons, clothing, and tools from the vast materials the forest has to offer them. The most integral part of their society, however, is music: and I have never heard anything more beautiful. I first heard the music of the BaMbuti Pygmies when I was 17 and in a summer music program. Then, my freshman year of college, I took a class on the Music of Africa and once again became obsessed with Pygmy music. The Pygmies believe in their forest as their God, and sing to it daily to awaken it from the dry seasons, to praise it for a good hunt, to mourn the loss of one of its children, and simply to revel in the joy and beauty of their home. They also make instruments from the forest: the molimo, for example, is a sacred, trumpet-like instrument deemed “the animal of the forest.” Their view is that music is at the heart of everything: if they wash and feed the molimo, and treat it with respect, then the forest will be good to them. It is the most beautiful, natural society in the world, in my opinion. Here’s a glimpse of the music of the Baka Pygmies:


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