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Plastics Paradise

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footsteps When I first visited Costa Rica in 2005 I fell in love with the natural beauty of this country. While here I participated in a karma yoga beach clean-up with some of my fellow yoga students. When we got out to the beach I was shocked and somewhat horrified to see this amazing, beautiful tropical paradise covered in plastics washed onshore. We filled several jumbo garbage bags with plastics that day and had barely made a difference.

I spent another 3 months here learning about sustainable tourism and doing my part to help clean up some of the beaches. Cleaning the beaches isn’t the answer though. We need to educate people about where their waste really goes and how they can reduce their waste, leaving less of a footprint on this earth. After my first 4 month stay here I returned to California and found a job working for a company with an environmental mission.

I spent 3 years working there soaking in all the knowledge I could about living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve since returned to Costa Rica to share what I’ve learned with all the wonderful people who pass through this mellow little beach town on their travels. We hold regular beach clean-ups at the same beach that sadly, remains covered in debris to this day. The glimmer of hope? One beach clean-up changed my life and since then I’ve been planting the seeds of change in others. Others, who will hopefully go on to plant new seeds in those who cross their paths and so on. Namaste.

– Kristen

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