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Pedal To The Metal

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bixiFor many people in Asia and Europe, biking is a way of life. Forgoing traffic, gas prices, and a heavy carbon footprint in favor of a bicycle is definitely a step in the right direction… but how do you change a society’s habits? Instead of reaching for the car keys, how can we redirect commuters to a vehicle that helps the planet and their own health? The answer to this riddle came to light this summer in Montréal, Canada with the introduction of Bixi.

Bixi is a public bicycle sharing system that was launched in Montréal this past May, as both a social and business experiment. With 5,000 bikes and 400 stations across the city, Bixi is accessible to every Montrealer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from May through November (being removed during the harsh winter months). At a mere $80 a year for a membership, or $5 per day for visiting tourists, Bixi is convenient, eco-friendly and affordable.

What started as a test project has become a phenomenon, and Bixi recently announced that they plan on implementing the system next in both London and Boston. The company was also awarded both the 2009 Gold Edison for Energy and Sustainability, and an International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in the transportation category, for the design of the bike itself. So get peddling, because Bixi might show up in your city next!


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