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Paper Towel Trouble – Eco-Fail

Submitted by on Saturday, 8 August 2009One Comment

2_mugs9You know you use too many paper towels when you try to switch over to the dish rag and, after the first use, fling it into the garbage. Eco-fail.

– Anonymous

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  • Jane C. says:

    How to cut back on use of paper towels! : They can be re-used, if you just pay some attention. For example, if you use one to dry off a green pepper you have washed, just pop the damp towel into a container on your counter for another use.. A paper towel used for any task that isn’t sticky or greasy can be happily re-used until finally you wipe up that little spill on the floor with it. I do this all the time, and feel a somewhat lighter conscience about trees. Also, there is a sort of no-name brand of paper towel that is made of 100% re-cycled paper, and found in my supermarket. Much cheaper than the kind found in whole-food stores. Jane C.

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