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Why just these four? Because, from my research, they are the kings and queens of prevention for viral infections, and they are considered safe to ingest. Some essential oils, while highly anti-viral, may not be …

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Easy Way to Get Labels Off
Thu, 23/12/10 – 10:35 | One Comment
Easy Way to Get Labels Off

Trying to remove clamshell packaging can cause rage attacks, and so can trying to get price labels off of housewares. Who hasn’t had trouble removing labels from new glasses, plates, or plastic containers? Getting labels …

Spiritual Activation – Zacciah Blackburn
Thu, 16/12/10 – 14:21 | No Comment
Spiritual Activation – Zacciah Blackburn

By Zacciah Blackburn
I suggest working with these principals for personal activation:
1) Simply place awareness in the heart center (chakra). Hold awareness there of a coherent emotion such as gratitude, joy, appreciation, unconditional love, …

Spiritual Solutions #19: Effortless Responsibility
Thu, 16/12/10 – 12:35 | No Comment
Spiritual Solutions #19:  Effortless Responsibility

By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond.
What Does Responsibility Mean?
Responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation, including yourself. Having accepted this circumstance, this event, this problem, responsibility then means the ability …

Spiritual Solutions #18: The Law of Intention and Desire
Thu, 9/12/10 – 13:22 | No Comment
Spiritual Solutions #18: The Law of Intention and Desire

By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond.
Attention and Intention
Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment. Intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power.
And when …

Removing Ignorance – Part IV
Thu, 9/12/10 – 8:37 | No Comment
Removing Ignorance – Part IV

By Bardo Tulku Rinpoche
The nature of our minds is always pure wisdom. But because it is obscured by ignorance, we need to apply methodically and patiently methods that will remove this obscuring ignorance. Letting go …

Making a House a Home – Spiritually
Sun, 5/12/10 – 14:01 | No Comment
Making a House a Home – Spiritually

By Christan Hummel, excerpted from Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, available through www.earthtransitions.com/special
During a series of workshops I offered in Spain several years ago, I ended up staying in over 33 different locations during …

Ignorance – Part III
Thu, 2/12/10 – 12:01 | One Comment
Ignorance – Part III

By Bardo Tulku Rinpoche
We could say that ignorance is an aspect of the kleshas. Kleshas [or afflicted emotions] refer to mental states such as attachment, aversion, ignorance, pride, and jealousy that defile the …

Spiritual Solutions #17 – Get in Touch with Body-Mind
Thu, 2/12/10 – 11:41 | No Comment
Spiritual Solutions #17 – Get in Touch with Body-Mind

By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond.
Connecting to Body-Mind
To become familiar with the miracle of the human body-mind is to acquire awesome power. This power is magical because it allows you to experience the body-mind …

Spiritual Solutions #16: Embrace the Unexpected
Thu, 18/11/10 – 14:11 | 2 Comments
Spiritual Solutions #16:  Embrace the Unexpected

By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond
Gifts of Unpredictability
Despite the fact that your ego hates unpredictability, the truth is that you have benefited from it again and again. Think for a moment about the unexpected …

Ignorance – Part II
Wed, 17/11/10 – 19:21 | 2 Comments
Ignorance – Part II

By Bardor Tulku Rinpoche.
Ignorance is that which impedes the recognition of the mind’s nature.
Our minds possess innate qualities of wisdom, which is that faculty of the mind that makes liberation and omniscience possible. For …