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Natural Home Scents, by Cait Johnson with Annie B. Bond

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naturalhomescentscover1 Natural Home Scents is an odiferous encyclopedia, making your senses teem as you read about the luxuriousness of natural scent. The recipes will have you wanting to try all of them at once – probably not the strongest choice (or, really, a very strong choice). Perhaps you can keep your excitement at bay enough to try one at a time. Either way, I am sure that your gung-ho attitude towards creating your own natural air fresheners will transform you, leaving you happily chemical-free and basking in the smell of your beautifully natural home.

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Excerpt from Natural Home Scents
For thousands upon thousands of years, people have used the scent to honor and celebrate the sacred, and to create specific atmospheres in their meeting places. Today, we can put the power of scent to work in so many beneficial ways. But rather than relying on aerosol sprays that could fill our environment with toxic chemicals, we can use pure aromatic herbs, spices, and essential oils to scent our homes naturally. It’s so easy!


Mists are an easy way to add wonderful, natural scent to your home and they are proven allies in the fight against germs. Mists are simple ways of providing aromatherapy with only essential oils, water and a spray bottle.
You can change the essential oil blend of any of the following formulas to suit your purpose. All this easy formula requires is a few drops of essential oil, water, and a spray bottle.

Basic Mist
* 4-8 drops essential oil
* 1 cup purified or distilled water
* Spray bottle

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle; shake to blend.

Try an essential oil that pleases your senses, such as lavender, or if you are concerned about flu’s consider using the essential oil of tea tree or rosemary.

To learn more about, or to own, Natural Home Scents, click here!


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