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Making a House a Home – Spiritually

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By Christan Hummel, excerpted from Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, available through www.earthtransitions.com/special

During a series of workshops I offered in Spain several years ago, I ended up staying in over 33 different locations during a two-month period. When I came home, I really understood at a deep level the truth of Dorothy’s statement in the Wizard of Oz that “there’s no place like home!” Prior to that experience, I was unaware of how I had taken for granted the comfort, security, peace, and sense of well being my home provided me. It was more than just a bed, bathroom and kitchen, all of which I had in Spain, it was much more. Being deprived of my own home for such a long time, gave me a newfound appreciation of what a home provides.

In this era of increasing create sacred space in their homes and cities. For more information see: www.earthtransitions.com


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