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Knowing the Wisdom of the Heart

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Book excerpt from Living With Joy , by Sanaya Roman.

All of you have had that experience of deep love, in which you were able to set aside your personality, your own wants and desires, to assist another. Love is a place that exists as an energy you can tap into whenever you have a loving thought of anyone. You literally pull up your own vibration. There are many high beings, such as I and those who work at this level, focusing love on the planet, so that your own feelings of love may be amplified. Any time you express unconditional love, from your deepest being, and anytime you receive it, you assist many more people in achieving it also.

Love from the higher realms is absolute compassion and complete detachment from the outcome. It is seeing the larger picture of people’s lives and focusing upon not what you want from them, but how you can assist them in their unfoldment and growth in whatever direction is for their highest good. Love is focusing on how you may serve others, and in doing so, how you may serve your own growth and higher purpose. Love opens the doorway to your own growth and aliveness. The joy to me in coming through and assisting others is seeing the flower unfold, watching those I speak to grow and love themselves more. That energy comes back to me and is amplified many fold, so that I in turn am assisted even more in my broadcast of love.

Think for a moment of tomorrow. What is your day like tomorrow? Is there something you could do to give love to someone or to experience more love yourself tomorrow?

Open to receive love from every source,
for love is everywhere in the Universe.

Acknowledging people and acknowledging yourself is another way to experience love. Taking a moment to appreciate everyone you see and to send them a feeling of love will change your life and raise your vibration rapidly. Being committed to the idea of love will bring it to you. You do not need to get into that personality level where you say, “Will this situation last, will it work?” Instead ask right now, “How can I deepen the love that I have in this relationship?” Love operates in the present, and by focusing upon it in the present, you send it into the future and release it to the past.

You can cancel out with one act of love thousands of acts of a lower nature. You can help transform the planet. It does not take that many people focused on love to change the destiny of humanity, for love is one of the most powerful energies of the universe. It is thousands of times stronger than anger, resentment, or fear.

For a moment, think of three people who could use your unconditional love, and send it to them. Imagine there are three people you would be willing to receive unconditional love from, and open to receive it.

Can you imagine how it would feel if your heart were open, if everywhere you went, you trusted, were relaxed, and knew that the universe was friendly? How would your life flow if you believed that your inner guidance was gentle and kind, and that people were sending you love wherever you went, and that you yourself broadcast a beam of love like a circle around you to everyone? How would your life change if whenever someone said something to you, no matter how it came out, you could recognize the love or need for love behind it? You would be constantly looking deeper to acknowledge and recognize the love within each being, as I do. By your recognition of love, you would bring it out and attract it to yourself.

As you go out into the world today, be aware of how you can express love through your eyes, through your smile, your heart, your words, and actions. For the rest of the day, be in your heart. Experience the love that is you, and as you do, be open to receive the acknowledgment of the beautiful light and love within you from others.


1.Think of three times someone gave you love that was unexpected.
2.Think of some way you could surprise and delight someone tomorrow with an expression of your love.

Book excerpt from Living With Joy , by Sanaya Roman.


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