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Home Is Where The Hearth Is

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fireplaceWith cold temperatures a couple months away, many of us are thinking of eco-friendly ways to keep our homes warm. So many of the methods used in the past have contributed to the environmental crisis, so it’s important now more than ever, to focus on finding greener solutions. The Eco-Glass Fireplace is a great way to keep your home warm without the use of traditional forms of energy.

The European-designed fireplace is fueled by Fanola, a renewable biofuel that burns 40% more efficiently than wood, and emits only steam and CO2 in proportions similar to our own exhalations. Unlike traditional fireplaces that dry out the air, the Eco-Glass Fireplace actually increases humidity when active, and when you’re done using it there’s no smoke, soot or cleanup.

It’s appearance is reminiscent of a Zen rock garden, with it’s glass globe placed on a granite base which contains flames that warm heat-emitting stones in a bed of decorative sand. In the mood for some aromatherapy? The glass bowl also includes essential oils (fir, orange, rosemary or cinnamon) to enhance relaxation. This fireplace is perfect for heating a small room, and will work well as an addition to heating in larger rooms.


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