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Hitting The Hay

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main5_ivoryWe’ve come to think of cotton as a natural material, that for the most part doesn’t harm us, but we’ve been duped! In reality cotton production uses billions of pounds of harmful chemicals each year, second only to corn. According to the EPA, the pesticides used to grow cotton are some of the most deadly.

So how can we avoid contact with all that nasty stuff? The answer is of course, organic cotton. LOOP Fine Organic Cotton Bed and Bath Linens offer exactly what we’re looking for, certified organic cotton with no harmful chemicals. Their cotton processing involves gentle hydrogen-peroxide used for whitening, and low-impact dyes used for colors, so there is no toxic waste from the manufacturing process, and little impact on the user.

As an added bonus, LOOP products are not manufactured in sweat shops, so you can be sure that your decadent comforter is both chemical and sweatshop free. Absolutely delightful of a chilly fall morning…


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