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Harvest is so bittersweet

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My serrano pepper plants are still lush and covered with peppers but now, having had our first frost, I know their days are numbered and I, caught up in the ever hectic pace of life, have only so much time in which to harvest them.  Would that I could let them stay on the plant until they all are a rich red.  Sadly, in Vermont, our growing season is short so today is harvest day.  I think the hardest part is pulling the still vital plants out of the ground, knowing that a frost will kill them soon but still feeling guilty and sad.

I love gardening.  I love my hands in the soil and the wonder as each plant peeps up in the spring.  I love watching and nurturing all summer and reaping the bounty in the fall. I love the harvest but it heralds the coming of winter and darkness and cold. Harvest is so very bittersweet.

Carolyn Keck lives in West Newbury, Vermont with her tuba playing husband Bill, two newfoundlands and an obnoxious cat.  She teaches music and gets great joy from cooking, fly fishing, gardening, quilting and being a grandma.

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