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Four Amazing Eye Health Techniques

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eyesightThese four amazing ten-minute eye improvement techniques developed by Dr. William Bates and Margaret Corbett–Sunning, Palming, the Long Swing, and Black Period Eye Gazing–are key to better vision.

Eye Technique #1: Sunning

The sunning technique is an excellent exercise for relaxing the eyes and helping to overcome the fear of light. “Sun” your eyes regularly in the following manner:

1. Sit down, relax your mind and body, and loosen your neck and shoulders.
2. Next. close your eyes and swing your head side to side easily while facing the sun. (On sunless days, use a 150- or 250-watt reflector spotlight bulb. Sit 6 feet away from the bulb.) Turn your head gently toward your left shoulder, then swing it back easily to your right shoulder. Continue this movement for 5 minutes and enjoy the warm feeling of the sun bathing your eyes. You will soon feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

With practice, you will start to notice an “optical illusion” — the sun itself will seem to move to the right as you swing your head to the left and visa versa. Remember to keep your eyes closed throughout the exercise.

Eye Technique #2: Palming Technique
Palming–cupping your closed eyes with your palms–is one of the most important methods for relaxing eye muscles and nerves. When performed regularly, this superior technique can bring about a complete transformation and restoration of your eyes. Palming helps to calm the mind, improve color clarity, and to prevent many degenerative eye conditions. Palming is practiced and taught by many visual training teachers, naturopaths, and holistic doctors throughout the world, as well as by the yogis of India, Chinese Taoists, and Tibetan monks.

When you first start Palming, you may see gray or white light or colors. As you continue practicing, however, you will see only black darkness. You will reach a state of calm, with your mind relaxed, which will enable your eyes to heal and regenerate quickly.

When Palming, do not place undue pressure on your face. Any pressure on the lids or face interferes with nerve and blood circulation to the eyes. You want free circulation to your eyes at all times. Also, make sure you can breathe easily and deeply through your nose. Inhale, exhale, relax, and let go of tension in the eyes, face, forehead, jaws, teeth, and neck.

Perform the Palming technique for 5 to 10 minutes with your elbows on your thighs or on a table. You can also place a cushion under your elbows for both positions.
1. Place your cupped hands over your closed eyelids without touching them.
2. Next, imagine something pleasant and let blackness come into your field of vision. If you see lights and colors, you are not totally relaxed–it’s a sign of anxiety and mental activity. You will be relaxed when you can experience and see total blackness while Palming. Blackness equals healing, rest, and relaxation for the eyes. The positive benefit is improved vision, clarity of mind, and sharp-focusing eye muscles.

Eye Technique #3: The Long Swing
The natural holistic health view of disease says: “There is but one disease, toxemia or congestion; there is but one cure, good circulation.” Wherever there is a blockage or congestion in the body, energy and healing cannot take place. We need to unblock the blockage, then energy and healing flow with ease. Relaxing the body also relaxes the mind and eyes, while a tense body causes tension in both. Illness, toxemia, poor digestion, and a toxic, congested colon are prime causes of eye problems.

Performing the Long Swing
1. Stand with your feet parallel, about 10 inches apart.
2. Shift your weight from one foot to the other, by lifting the heel of each foot as you turn in a swaying motion. As you sway gently from one side to the other, turn your head and shoulders while swinging, and let your arms hang loosely–let them swing freely as you turn. Move as if you are dancing! Move with an easy rhythm. Always remember that your head moves with yoru body, not by itself.

Your chest, shoulders, face, legs, and neck must be soft and relaxed. Count each swing aloud; this stops you from holding your breath. Never hold your breath during relaxation exercises. Easy relaxed breathing is necessary to let go of body tension and mental stress.

Practice the Long Swing for a few minutes before going to bed, upon arising, or after Palming.

Eye Technique #4: The Black Period Eye-Gazing Technique

When performing this technique, practice first with one eye at a time (cover one eye with an eye patch or your hands), then use both eyes together. Remember to close your eyes for 10 seconds after each Black Period Gazing session.

1. From the text of a book, pick out a period that you can see clearly and sharply from a distance. Make sure you have lots of light shining on the page. To improve close vision (farsightedness), place the period 10 inches or less away from your eyes. To improve distance vision (nearsightedness), place the period 2 feet or more away from your eyes. Gazing at the smallest period you can see will sharpen your vision more quickly!
2. Gaze at the period for 15 seconds–look inside the period and trace the edge of it with your eyes. Relax your eyes and gaze lightly at the period.

This Black Period Eye-Gazing technique can be done any time during the day or during your eye training sessions. It is an excellent exercise for keeping good vision, because it enables the eyes to focus directly on the macula–the center of eyesight.

Adapted from The Art of Cosmic Vision, by Mantak Chia and Robert T. Lewanski (Destiny Books, 2010).


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  • We need some good eye health tips, these looks good as what i expect…..Cheers!!!

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  • Bruno Hill says:

    Ow, these eye techniques are so useful when you’re in the office. Usually, at the office, you are more exposed to the radiation from computers. Through using these techniques, you can relax your eyes a bit.

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