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Feeling Joyful in the New Energies

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Meditation by Orin and DaBen, from Living With Joy, by Sanaya Roman.

I allow myself to feel good right now.
I feel my soul all around me,
sending me its joy.
I open to receive my soul’s joy.

Joy is flowing into me.
Joy is streaming into my cells and atoms.
As joy flows into me I expand.
I feel free.

Joy flows out from me,
touching everyone around me.
My thoughts are positive.
I feel happy.

I think of my life.
I imagine what would be different
in the next few hours
if I expressed my soul’s joy.
I now do it.

When I encounter someone
who is less joyful,
I draw in the quality of joy,
I fill myself with joy,
then radiate joy to the other.

I now ask my soul and higher self,
to send me a clear vision
of the next steps of my path.
I ask for greater clarity
about my higher purpose.

I ask myself each hour,
“What am I doing next that
is part of my higher purpose?”

I create my higher purpose
from moment to moment.
As I do, I feel joy,
for joy comes from living in the flow
and creating my higher purpose.

I let go of power struggles.
Whenever I encounter power struggles
or people who are negative,
I connect with my soul
and draw in its joy.
I stay centered in my own energy
and feel my soul’s joy
radiating through me.

I expand my potential for joy,
I live in a rhythm of joy.
I radiate joy to others.
I am becoming more joyful

As I wake up tomorrow
I connect with my soul’s joy
and let it radiate through me
and out to others.

I am a source of joy to others.
My joy lifts others and
makes their burdens easier to carry.
I bring light to everyone around me
through my expression of soul joy.

Meditation by Orin and DaBen, from Living With Joy, by Sanaya Roman.


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