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Eco TP and Towel Expense – Eco-Fail

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2_mugs83I swung by the health food store this morning to buy some staples that I was running out of, TP and paper towels to be specific. I hardly ever buy paper towels, but a dog is being renegade about his bathroom habits. I grabbed a roll of unbleached paper towels and a packet of four rolls of TP, went to the checkout, and was charged $9.62. I could hardly believe it. This sort of pricing will turn me into an unwilling supporter of virgin tree paper companies, I thought. The story doesn’t end here.

I went online to see how much the same products cost elsewhere, and the total would have been $7.38 with free shipping, or $2.30 cents cheaper. How many paper towels and rolls of TP could I buy for $7.38 from a brand that didn’t use recycled paper? The same amount! Surely the choice to buy recycled was no brainer in those circumstances.

This morning, however, I was tempted to put the paper goods back on the shelf and stop at the local Convenience Corner to get the same, knowing I would have paid much less. Was I a victim of price gauging at the health food store? It sure looks like it. One store can give such a wrong impression! Eco-Fail.



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