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  • Pages: 29
  • Publisher: Green Chi Cafe Books
  • Language: English

amandapierceAbout The Author: Amanda Pierce is an editor and author who lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and two children. Always on the lookout for green health and beauty tips, Amanda wishes you “No more bad hair days”…naturally.

Natural Hair Conditioners -Secret Recipes for Eliminating Your Hair Woes

Imagine your hair after a visit to the hairdresser. It is silky, swingy, soft, and shiny, the way healthy clean hair should feel. So, after asking your hairdresser what conditioner was used in your hair, you naturally rush to the store to buy yourself at least one bottle, but the next day your hair has returned to it’s dry, damaged, weak, pre-salon state. What do you do? Buy the conditioner that was “magical” or find a new conditioner that doesn’t leave your hair dry?

Amanda Pierce teaches you how to make your hair look it’s best naturally. Using time-tested recipes, Amanda has transformed her own dry, over-processed hair into shiny soft curls, full of life and bounce. Amanda’s recipes, although sometimes frightening, are easy to follow and, best of all, are completely natural. She teaches you how to care for your own hair, whether it is dry, normal, or oily, and even tells you some tricks for curing the most dry and damaged hair. Don’t be afraid when a recipe calls for avocado or beer, just jump right in, view it as an adventure, and make your hair beautiful the natural way.

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