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annie-brown1About The Author: Annie B. Bond has become the trusted name in green living. After 20 years of helping people to live greener and healthier lives, she has been called “the foremost expert on green living” by Body & Soul magazine. She is the best-selling author of 4 (soon to be 5) books in the field, as well as the author of thousands of articles and the editor of numerous green magazines and web sites.

We humans are moving bodies of water. In HOMEMADE DETOX BATHS best-selling author Annie B. Bond shows how to use water—and the pleasures of a good soak—to cleanse and purify our systems. Sea salts and Epsom salts, clays and herbs, mud rich with minerals: these have been used for centuries to draw impurities from our skin. Natural living expert Annie B. Bond gathers her best recipes and formulas, native remedies and botanical knowledge in this guide to the healing waters…of home!

Spas and salons now have detox treatments–ionic foot baths, mud and seaweed wraps—that are hugely expensive. In HOMEMADE DETOX BATHS, Annie shares the simple, effective and age-old principles they are based on. Most importantly she shows you how to put those principles to use at home, naturally and very inexpensively. She offers a wide range of options for treatments geared towards the reader’s own needs, skin type, moods and preferences.

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Why is seaweed a natural skin purifier? What essential oils are most effective for dry skin? What is the skin’s acid mantle, and why is it important to maintain? How are toxins stored in, and released from, our bodies? Annie, as the “Queen of Green” provides all of this information and more; all that you need to know to establish a rejuvenating regimen of cleansing, relaxing detox soaks. HOMEMADE DETOX BATHS: read it as you run the water…

HOMEMADE DETOX BATHS has dozens of recipes using a variety of salts, herbs, seaweeds, essential oils, and other all-natural ingredients. Each recipe is targeted towards a particular purpose, from specific detox needs to general stress relief.

HOMEMADE DETOX BATHS is available as a FREE downloadable eBook.

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