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Dried Flower Wreath

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dried-flower-wreath Dried flower wreaths are a great project and decoration for the late summer-early fall. We got the idea about 10 years ago at our local farmers’ market – there was a vender selling both dried flowers and dried flower wreaths. We made our own wreaths early that fall, and use them to this day – in fact, one is hanging on our door right now!

You will need:
A wreath base (you can get these at a crafts store) – I prefer wood bases, but you could also get a wire one.
Fresh flowers to dry, or pre-dried flowers
Wrapping wire (sometimes called floral wire)
Wire cutters

How To:
If you have a garden, cut a few bunches of flowers from your garden, tie them together by the stems, and hang them upside down in a dry area of your house until the flowers are fully dried.If you don’t have a garden, either buy cut flowers and dry them yourself, or buy dried flowers for the project.

Stick the stems of the dried flowers into the wreath base, then wrap the wire around the stems and through the base, cutting the wire when the flowers are secure. Continue to add flowers around the whole wreath base, wrapping the stems as you go along. When you are happy with the distribution of flowers on the wreath, loop some of the wire through the top of your wreath so that it makes a circle. Using this loop, hang the wreath from your front door!


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