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Composting Insight – Eco-Win

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2_mugs21It has been especially during the harvest food times that I’ve looked out my window at my good, round, tumbler-type composter with guilt. It feels terrible to throw all the tips of carrots and corn husks into the trash, but I always felt a resistance because of simple patterns. I had a small bucket in the kitchen for the compost but I am sensitive to mold and would want to empty it every 1 1/2 days at least, which stopped me in my tracks from composting because I often wouldn’t take the time to go “all the way” to the composter. Eco-Fail. This summer I came up with a stop-gap that fits my patterns, which is to have a bigger covered bucket for compost on my front porch. Every day or so I take my kitchen compost, put it in the bucket on the porch, and once that is full (once a week or so), I take that to tumbler. Eco-Win.

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