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Ignorance – Part II
Wednesday, 17 Nov, 2010 – 19:21 | 2 Comments
Ignorance – Part II

By Bardor Tulku Rinpoche.
Ignorance is that which impedes the recognition of the mind’s nature.
Our minds possess innate qualities of wisdom, which is that faculty of the mind that makes liberation and omniscience possible. For …

Chemo and the Chakras
Monday, 8 Nov, 2010 – 18:46 | Comments Off on Chemo and the Chakras
Chemo and the Chakras

If you have witnessed or experienced the suffering caused by chemotherapy, you know the horror of a treatment that all but kills even as it saves. Chemotherapy just about disconnects a person from their body, …

Top White Sink Solution? – Green Quest #6
Thursday, 4 Nov, 2010 – 14:37 | One Comment
Top White Sink Solution? – Green Quest #6

If you have a white porcelain sink and tub, the chances are that you have wanted to find a way to whiten them without using bleach, the out-of-fashion standby.
What is the matter with chlorine bleach? …