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Bug Spray on Babies Eco-Fail

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 July 2009One Comment

2_mugs19 I am still unsure what to do regarding bug spray and our babies (2 yrs. and 10 mths). Our pediatrician pushes me to put bug spray on them bec. she insists that viruses such as West Nile are far more detrimental to them than deet and while I know on some level she is right-how can I ever put that chemical on my munchkins? My eco-fail compromise is my consideration to put it on their clothing (definitely not on their skin) but still on the fence as to what to do-any advice greatly appreciated. Eco-Fail.

– Jennifer Chambers


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  • Annie says:

    Hi Jennifer–
    You go, girl!

    There is research showing that Buzz Away works as well as Deet! Here is some info about it: Buzz Away. I bought some for our family and still have it the next year. A little bit goes a long way. Good luck! –Annie

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