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Asking For Inner Guidance

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There are many times in life that it would be helpful to get guidance. We usually look outwardly for guidance –to others, to books, on the web, etc. However we actually have a very accurate guide inside us. Some might call the guide intuition or the still small voice inside. Nonetheless it is inside us and can be accessed. Over time one can increase one’s access to one’s inner guide and the clarity/accuracy with which we hear it..

Practice Instructions
• Decide what question you have for which you want guidance, and think of it in terms of wanting to know what would be in the highest good for all affected.
• Take 30 seconds to relax.
• Ask yourself to be in touch with your inner guide or Higher Self. Wait a bit until you feel that you are in touch. You might feel a subtle shift inside.
• Ask your Higher Self the question you have. Ask for an answer that is in the “highest good” for all affected. This is important, because this is the only kind of guidance you will receive. It also sets you up in the proper frame of mind for receiving an answer.
• Wait quietly maybe 30 seconds.
• Thank your Higher Self. (This is important.)
• Open your eyes and return to what you were doing.

Advanced Practice
After practicing this many times you will eventually be able to simply close your eyes, ask your higher self for guidance on the issue at hand, and receive guidance. Some people can even do this with their eyes open.

You might or might not get clear answers right away. It takes many people a number of months of daily practice for their relationship with their Higher Self to develop. It also takes building up trust in your inner guidance. We’ve all heard the admonitions to “follow your heart” or “follow your intuition”, but most of us find this hard to do. If you practice this several times a day, even when the decision you are facing is not critical or has a fairly clear answer already, you will build up a habit of getting in touch with your Higher Self, listening, trusting the answer, and acting on the answer. Some answers that come are not correct or the best for you; they might be coming from some part of your mind other than your Higher Self. It takes time to tell the difference and trust the results from your Higher Self.

Len Tischler has meditated for about 40 years and has taught hundreds of people to meditate. He has written and given talks about spirituality and meditation in the business world. Send your meditation questions to asklen [at] greenchicafe [dot] com for individual help. Stay tuned for The Daily Practice newsletter.


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