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A Call To Arms

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samsungCell phones aren’t exactly the greenest of inventions. From their batteries down to their construction, they’ve been treated like expendable items that can easily be replaced, so it’s no surprise that they often spend their last days in garbage dumps across the country. The new Samsung Reclaim is a breath of fresh air, with 80% of the product itself made from recyclables.

The phone boasts the same technologies we now expect, like texting, email, and applications like Facebook and YouTube, and is part of a new Eco-Commitment Sprint launched earlier this summer. The Eco-Commitment stems from Sprint’s position as the first and only U.S. telecommunications provider to publicly commit to significantly increase phone-recycling efforts. They’ve pledged to collect an amount equal to 90% of what they sell per year by 2017.

The Reclaim functions like a regular cell phone, but 40% of its casing is made using bio-plastic materials extracted from corn. In addition to its eco-friendly construction, a portion of the proceeds from the phone will also be donated to The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre program.


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