Top White Sink Solution? – Green Quest #6
Thu, 4/11/10 – 14:37 | One Comment

If you have a white porcelain sink and tub, the chances are that you have wanted to find a way to whiten them without using bleach, the out-of-fashion standby.
What is the matter with chlorine bleach? …

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The 4 Best Natural Flu Remedies
Sun, 26/01/14 – 12:03 | No Comment

Why just these four? Because, from my research, they are the kings and queens of prevention for viral infections, and they are considered...

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How to Wash Silk
Wed, 30/10/13 – 7:48 | No Comment
How to Wash Silk

Silk is an acidic fabric and sensitive to alkaline materials, such as baking soda, borax, and washing soda.
Any harsh lye-based soap with a pH above 10 will destroy silk. Hand wash silk in a sink …

Annie Launches The True Find: Living with Heart
Tue, 29/10/13 – 9:57 | No Comment
Annie Launches The True Find: Living with Heart

Annie B. Bond has been a trusted resource for green product recommendations for two decades. “Body & Soul” called her “the foremost expert on green living,” for this reason. Now she brings her expertise to …

Annie B. Bond – The Untold Story
Tue, 29/10/13 – 8:40 | No Comment
Annie B. Bond – The Untold Story

Sometimes the greatest gift comes from the greatest pain, and in my case, I’d think the pain inspired me to what became a gift, and explains why I stepped into the field of green living. …

Enhance Office Performance with Color
Wed, 25/07/12 – 13:59 | 2 Comments
Enhance Office Performance with Color

Everything has a vibration uniquely its own. Offices have a lot of unnatural vibrations from the deluge of electronic equipment.
To help offset this, surround yourself with vibrations that are harmonious to your own body’s …

Basic Skin Freshener Formula
Fri, 20/07/12 – 15:32 | 2 Comments
Basic Skin Freshener Formula

Brutal summer
heat and drought add up to needing whatever help we can get to feel refreshed. Refreshing and stimulating for the skin because of the menthol herbs, this freshener also hydrates.
10 drops each peppermint and …

Top 10 Ways to Avoid BPA
Fri, 18/05/12 – 8:09 | One Comment
Top 10 Ways to Avoid BPA

Eliminate BPA from your life with these alternatives.
Many plastic items—#7 polycarbonate bottles (including baby bottles), microwave ovenware, eating utensils, as well as the plastic lining inside metal cans—are made with bisphenol A (BPA). Many studies …

3 DIY Nontoxic Garden Pest Sprays
Fri, 18/05/12 – 8:04 | One Comment
3 DIY Nontoxic Garden Pest Sprays

A few bugs won’t hurt most plants. Sometimes simple solutions for less toxic living are there if you just think long enough. Hosing bugs off a plant is often all that is needed.
There are many …

Deepak Wellbeing: Accept Your Natural State
Fri, 23/12/11 – 9:32 | One Comment
Deepak Wellbeing:  Accept Your Natural State

By Deepak Chopra and Annie B. Bond
Within You: Jesus and the Self
Jesus devoted many teachings to the subject of the self, meaning the bundle of aspects we call “me.” In this bundle are wrapped the …

Deepak Wellbeing: Creating Your Reality
Mon, 19/12/11 – 16:34 | No Comment
Deepak Wellbeing: Creating Your Reality

By Deepak Chopra and Annie B. Bond
Within You
Imagine that your nervous system is hardware, and all the chemical changes that occur in your body are the software. The software, or program changes according to your …

November Sunrise, Upstate NY
Tue, 29/11/11 – 7:21 | No Comment
November Sunrise, Upstate NY

What an astonishing sunrise on November, 28, in Rhinebeck, NY! This rivals an amazing sunset I saw last month on an island in Thailand, and this sunrise was at my front door! I guess …